It is Great to be Home….

We are still recovering from a great trip round the Baltic…so much to see, so much to discover, so much to enjoy, so much to EAT and so much to remember…..but it great to be back home.  The only downside is all the chores that now seem to demand our attention.

Whilst we have been away our garden has been overtaken by Butterflies.  For the past two seasons if we saw one it was a big event, so I guess this years hot summer has been good for migration and breeding…..




Those chores that await include of course the garden. But to be frank it does seem to have thrived in our absence. The hot sun and dry weather had left its mark but the Agapanthus, Roses and Crocosmia  had been patiently waiting to give us a welcome home display….




As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, we do love our garden but we are not dedicated gardeners and never take it too seriously. That is partly due to soil and position plus many disappointments over the years when plants we would love to thrive disappear (plus lack of energy and important ingredient).  This means that we have to be content to allow those plants that want to grace our garden to grow and forget those that fail and be grateful for what blesses us with there presence. So like this Hydrangea and Sedum they thrive but have to like to intermingle and share the space….


But neglect does encourage the weeds (they are just a plant in the wrong place or so I am told)……now who can really call the Hawk Bit a weed! No it has to be a delicate and rather fabulous wild flower that has selected our patio as new its home…..


Whilst true gardeners will probably despair with our horticultural efforts it does seem to be attracting the bees.  According to the press Bees are having a tough time and declining in vast numbers…so it is good to know that we are doing our little bit to help provide pollen and nectar….


Yes…it is great to be home and relaxing in our own surroundings….but may be we are missing the Cruise experience just a little – well quite a lot really, but there is always next time!


© David Oakes 2013