The Season’s Progression onwards……

Progress in the countryside is one thing we cannot stop, weather may at times slow the rate of change or even push it along at a pace faster than we would like…but seasonal change is inevitable.

Whilst we have been away my favourite wildflower of the hedgerow, Rosebay Willow Herb, has flowered and has now started to turn to seed.  The Bees can still scavenge for nectar but soon it will be the birds that feast upon them…..


The greens within the woodland have also undergone a subtle change from their vibrant bright green to a more sombre dark matt green. Thankfully in places just a little sunshine penetrates the heavy canopy….


But with to-day temperatures the dappled shade of the lane was appreciated by both myself and Buster, even though he had decided a slow day was the option for him…..miles behind instead of his more usual trail blazing…..


But it was these Sweet Chestnut that were the more obvious indicator that summer is slowly passing and that autumn cannot be that far away.  It does look as if we will get a bumper crop of Chestnuts this season….


Lets make the most of the summer that is still ahead….then we will have the glories of autumn to look forward to…the change when it comes may be gradual or sudden – only the weather gods have the answer to that conundrum.   Dare I mention it is only 139 days to Christmas…best not dwell on that gem of information!

7th JULY

© David Oakes 2013