Redundant…well this year at least!


With the wet and often cool summers we have been having these three small strawberry pots have provide a very small but sweet taste of summer for us.  This year we have been rather taken by surprise with lots of hot sunshine and no rain to speak of.  So our little pots have been rather redundant and struggled to survive…who knows next year they may well be back into full productions again!

In an earlier post I made mention of small but significant signs that the seasons were progressing.  We found our first Bull Rushes to-day.  It is usually September before they produce the thick brown seed pods but these as you can see have been in seed for a little while….


But not everything is heading for autumn.  This Wood Pigeon obviously thinks that spring is still with us as he/she and its partner are busy nest building and showing all  the other outward signs of spring.  Seems a shame that they are putting all this effort into what is probably a fruitless task…..


Elsewhere in the garden there are small signs of success this year as even more Peacock Butterflies have been heading for the Buddleia, stocking up on the nectar while it is still available. So I guess it has been a good year for a change and a hopeful indicator for these delicate insects future…


11th August

© David Oakes 2013