Cycles…….or as the U.K. Government says “On your bike!”

The U.K. Government is to spend millions of £ (yes, you heard right, Millions) to get more of us here onto bikes. May be that is not such as bad initiative, but at times when they cannot afford to fund some basic services one does wonder if the priorities are correct.

Now having just come back from visiting a number of European countries bikes were much more in evidence.  They were much more a part of the way of life in all the countries visited, except that is for Russia where the car now seems to rule.

Even ‘parking’ the bike was done with a degree of neatness – even, one might say with a touch of flair…..


It seemed as if any odd corner was pressed into use to create parking lots……


Even when ranked in line outside the Town Hall at Tallinn they seemed to add atmosphere to the local scene…..


Or standing in neat rows outside shops……


But not all bikes were used as cycles….some were pressed into use as an extension to the shops display…..


We even caught a glimpse of a bike actually being ridden!….


Government initiative or not I think it will take a time for us here in the U.K. to become as comfortable with cycling as our European cousins.

13th August

© David Oakes 2013