CAREFREE…..a much misused word here in the U.K. in particular in the Insurance industry.  Carefree Insurance for that Washing Machine or Freezer, Carefree for your Holiday Insurance or even Carefree for that Health Care!  Not sure any are really ‘care free’.

But for most of us carefree can probably be summed up when we have shaken off those work-a-day chores, are out in the great outdoors, may be relaxing or even stretching our limbs wondering through the wilds…whatever, I think you probably know what I mean.

Carefree for me would be in the Highlands of Scotland, taking time out of a hike to enjoy a packed lunch just resting, listening and watching and breathing in the distinctive highland atmosphere……just like here in the shadow of the Torridons in the Western Highlands of Scotland……..


It is over 12 months since I took this shot.  Yet I can still smell the heather mixed with a sea breeze, hear the crackle of the gorse in the heat and hear the complete silence….oh, and watch two Golden Eagle circling high above the mountains and Loch…..I was ‘Carefree’ that day.

17th August

© David Oakes 2013