Summer starts to fade in the Garden….

I think I have mentioned before that whilst we love our garden it isn’t precious…in other words what chooses to grow, grows. What takes a dislike to our plot just fades away. So it came as no surprise whilst rummaging about amongst the flowers to find  a sort of Arum Lilly, its berries starting to change to bright red……..


Also know as ‘Lords and Ladies’ it has obviously self seeded, probably a gift from one of our resident birds, it also obviously loves the shade as it has grown into a substantial plant without our knowing.

Another ‘Lady in waiting’ is watching the seed heads of the sedum start to get the first hints of ruby red as they begin their autumnal change from summers mellow lemon green, I don’t reckon she will have long to wait…..


The Cosmos whose rich candy pink blooms have graced the borders are now showing signs of wear and tear…..


Bees have been having a feast from the yellow stamens but now it is the turn of the Hover Flies to seek out the last of the sweet pollen…..


Some 8 years ago we planted some acorns from an old Oak that fell victim to one of the autumnal gales.  One of those acorns sprouted and after being potted on each year a young tree developed.  Now that small tree is a new tree in its  own right and has now started to reward that ‘privileged’ attention. For the very first time it has produced some of its own acorns…




as yet still minute… but it is a start and may yet swell so that we can plant a new acorn to reward its efforts….

That is all providing the little ant does not do something nasty to it!

We will see.












20 August

© David Oakes 2013