The challenge this week was named as ‘Focus’.   As a general rule photographers strive for the ‘pin sharp’ image recognising that detail does matter.  But in the challenge brief it was ‘depth of field’ that was highlighted,  Indeed skilful use of depth of field is a vital creative tool to isolate, to emphasis and to change the importance of a subject to its surrounds.

But thinking about the challenge of focus I thought I would offer a different approach.  The image below is a winter woodland scene.  Strong low cross light made for an interesting shot…then I thought that I would add a filter I have had in my bag for years, not sure they are available now, but it is a soft focus/diffuser.  Used on this shot I think it adds an new dimension to what could be just a straightforward shot creating a glow and adding a different depth…….I hope you like my interpretation of Focus…..


25th August

© David Oakes 2013