Last day of September….

The last day of September, so I guess we will soon have the autumnal colours to brighten October. One does wonder what sort of an autumn it will be this year.  Last year it was bursting with colour and that was after a wet summer. This year the leaves seem much drier which I suppose is not surprising after a hot and very dry summer. As if to prove a point, this weekends winds have brought about a fall of leaves, most are just dry and dead with only a few that have adopted their autumn colour…..


None the less they still provide a great leaf painting on the woodland floor.

The last day of the month it may be but September does seem loth to leave us and again the warm early morning sunrise through the trees still had a spring feel about it….



A new month tomorrow….will it herald a change in the weather and will that change be a slow slide through autumn or a dramatic mood changer.  We will see.

30th September

© David Oakes 2013

Super September….

It is nearly the end of September and what a super month it has been…..summer continues to amuse us whilst autumn just teases us with the odd spot of those golden colours.  No better time than to be out walking in the country and no better place to complete a walk than the village of Hartington on a sunny September evening…….


On the high ground above the village is Saint Giles Church overlooking all, as it has done since the 12century.   The fading evening sun lights up the natural colours of the local sandstone adding a further rich glow.  Hartington is a popular tourist spot always busy at weekends, but at the end of the day peace returns.

Hartington is also a place of pilgrimage for Anglers and in particular ‘Fly Fishermen’.  It is here on the River Dove that Charles Cotton and Issac Walton created the book the was to become the fisherman’s bible ‘The Complete Angler’, first published in 1653.

Bonnie Prince Charlie is also recorded as staying in Hartington on his ill fated rebellious journey south…in fact he progress little further than Derby about 15 miles away.

Hartington is one of the very few places that can produce cheese under the name  of ‘Stilton’.  The Duke of Devonshire founded the first cheese factory in the village in 1870.  Under the Duke and then the Nuttal family the factory produced the famous cheese until 2008.  Sadly like much of todays food industry, local foods are swallowed up by multi nationals and and to a great extent lost to us all.

Hartington is a Derbyshire village close to Staffordshire. It is within the Peak District National Park and is in the area known as the White Peak.

29th September

© David Oakes 2013


My contribution to this weeks challenge are two images that are packed with natural colour….indeed there are few man made colours that can compete with the natural world. 

As we are approaching Autumn and all is riches of reds, gold’s and yellows, here is an image to wet our appetites….


We all know that Winter and its more monochromatic colours will follow…so lets skip a season and anticipate the rich colours of a new Spring…..


Saturated colours to saturate the senses!

28th September

© David Oakes 2013

The Chive Trap………


We have had a good harvest of herbs from our small patch.  the Chives always do well, but now at the end of September the season is nearly done.  I am told by gardening friends that it is not good to allow the Chives to flower. 

We always have allowed them to have there way…..for one reason it is the end of the season. We have had a good regular crop and even have some chopped and in bags in the freezer, so why not let them have a last flourish.  For another the flowers do seem to attract all sorts and sizes of flies and insects.

If you look closely at the flower heads, which are in fact a cluster of individual star shaped flowers you may spot a fine spiders web.

Now take a close look at this cluster of stars and you will spot a spider lying in wait for its next meal.  The Hornet may be a little large to get ensnared but many smaller flies are not so lucky and end up as supper for the eight egged beastie…..


Whilst the season may be slowly changing we still can enjoy some scent and subtle colour from our Rose……when admiring these striking blooms, on a sunny day, you can be fooled into thinking that summer is very much with us.  May be not for much longer but lets enjoy the last vestiges of the season whilst we can……


27th September

© David Oakes 2013

A Cold Night and…….It costa Hosta

Whilst I was warmly tucked up in bed last night the outside temperatures must have dropped like a stone.  That and a heavy dew, not to mention a few snails, put paid to our Hosta’s for another year…….


Once green fleshy leaves, turned to gold overnight, soon they will disintegrate into nothing…. to reappear fresh next year.

27th September

© David Oakes 2013