September arrives ….. and Autumn is on the way


The weekend winds have brought down a few leaves….nothing like the number that will start to fall next month as we move into autumn proper.  But the signs of autumn are there already.  Oak leaves are turning brown. But don’t be fooled this one and many others are playing a visual trick upon us.  In fact the brown leaves are a result of some trees suffering a lack of water over our long hot dry summer.  The green leaves are new from dormant growth that was just waiting the arrival of rains, so they could continue there life cycle.  So will autumn be late or early this year….well it all depends.  If we have some more wet weather whilst still warm and some more sunshine then many trees and shrubs will have a second but short lease on life.  Should it turn dry once again with drying winds and sunshine then autumn will be here so much quicker.

1st September

© David Oakes 2014