Awaken Again September !


After 4 days of unsaturated grey skies, with no horizon and little contrast, our spirits were sinking.  Today the sun shines, the skies are for the most part blue and the air is still….in fact you could be fooled into thinking summer has returned.  So, despite a nip in the air,  it was a joy to stroll through our woods this morning.  The woods are somewhere we walk just about every day that we are at home.  Friends ask if we ever get bored thinking that it must be a fixed routine. Well the answer is no, far from it. The woods are big enough to allow you to walk different routes.  Not only do the changing season  add variety but  each and everyday is different.  We have grown up with many of the trees so even they are now like old friends, just like many of our two and four legged friends we meet, they too have their ills and woes. So I make no excuse for sharing some images from this mornings sunny September walk in the woods….and yes, you may well recognise a few of our friendly trees making a return visit to the blog….

Sunny and still very green, the woods are starting to show autumnal signs and one sure sign that autumn is on the way is the appearance of Fungi on the woodland floor, here growing on a fallen trunk…there will be many more to come…..


7th September

© David Oakes 2014

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