Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity


Syre Church, Strathnaver, Scottish Highlands

The nominated topic for this weeks Photo Challenge is the bold subject Humanity (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/humanity/).  A title that embraces every aspect of human life and death.

So in this year where we remember those who went off to fight in World War I, 100 years ago, I thought it would be fitting to highlight their sacrifice.

Syre Church as you can see is a simple church, it reflects its position in one of the remotest parts of the Scottish Highlands, sparsely populated then, as it is today with just the odd Highland Croft…a few small family groups.  In 1914 it was an area just recovering from the Highland Clearances when Croft after Croft was forcibly evicted to create large Sheep Estates.  Yet when the ‘call to arms’ came the young men from this tiny community rallied to the call, went off to fight and never came back.  For the families it was the second time they had seen their innocent families irrevocably ripped apart. Read into the above what you will, dig deeper into the story of the Clearances, reflect on the futility of war…what ever your thoughts or views…..it is Humanity at its best and worst.

13th September

© David Oakes 2014