A – BEE – SEE…….


The flowers are fading in the garden, summers bounty is slowly disappearing…..but the Michaelmas Daisy still flourishes, its yellow orange centre still full of pollen. Not to miss out on such a free feed, the local Bees are certainly making the most of both the sunshine and calm weather in what might be their last big effort before the autumn frost hit us. I am aware that there are many different types of Bee and this morning I think we must have had every known specie on the Daisies…..so here are a few more images of the feeding orgy…well images of those that obliged and stayed put long enough to be captured…

Butterflies, after years of decline seem to have had better luck this year. The Small Tortoiseshell is one specie that has all but vanished. Reports say it has started to recover. Maybe that is true as one lone Small Tortoiseshell appeared in our garden, the first for many years. But judging by the state of this ones wings it too has obviously had a tough time….

Autumn approaches fast but summer still has the upper hand…well for the moment at least.

21st September

(C) David Oakes 2014