In Search of Autumn…..well, if one must!


We headed to Calke Woods in South Derbyshire, not really in search of autumn colours but for a September walk in woodland where we can normally find fungi. Well no luck on the later but plenty of signs that autumn is on its way, but also plenty of summer colours to let you know that September is hanging on in there.  The month is making the most of this long spell of dry and sunny weather. The Sweet Chestnut is still in full leaf and hanging onto its fruits of sweet nuts for a while longer…perhaps a good while longer…..

But this is as good a day as any for exploring the countryside. From thick heavy foliage of the woods to more open landscapes by the water….
Did you read my blog on the 20th? It was about an Oak that was estimated to be 2000 years old. Take a look(   .  Well it is in good company on this estate with many venerable Oaks, that whilst looking ravaged, still stand firm against time and weather…..not sure how old this particular oak is but hundreds of years, may be over a thousand years  if its neighbours are anything to go by….Old-Oak

Beyond the woods is a reservoir. Despite best efforts the water level has dropped over this summer and in recent weeks the dreaded Blue Green Algae formed on the surface and as the levels dropped further it has deposited its colourful scum of bacteria along the waterline…Blue-Green-Algea

But it is the woodland which is the “star” of the day….a great mix of summer and autumn. Lets hope it lasts a good while longer, though high winds are forecast for the weekend and that could be a game changer.Woodland-WalkHint-of-a-Tint

25th September
(C) David Oakes 2014