Another side of Calke…


Calke Abbey
Over the years I have shared many visits to this great Country Estate and Parkland in Derbyshire. We have visited the House (or Abbey as it is known), explored the Walled Gardens and tramped the woodlands and ancient Parkland with its Deer. The many estate farms and there livestock add to the charm. The Stable Block, Carriage House and the Blacksmiths Shop has intrigue us. It reminds us of just how powerful this estate was and how important as a part of the local economy. It also tells many stories of those who lived and those who worked on the estate. But one part of the story I have not shared with you till now is the estates very own Church….St-Giles-exterior
St Giles, Calke, Derbyshire
St. Giles is/was the family and estate church…also the burial place for some members of the family. The church is on a rise above the House, solid in construction with a square tower. The interior is simple, not ornate but far from unattractive….St-Giles-interior

The walls have several Heraldic Family Crests and a number of Memorial Plaques and inscriptions. But undoubtedly the star attraction must be the Decorated Glass Window behind the alter…still the original hand painted religious depiction and still vibrant in its colours….St-Giles-Glass-Window
But here is a reminder of the ‘Estate at Large’….you can be sure we will be back.

27th September
(C) David Oakes 2014