October draws to a close……. Fog then Mist


A day more suitable for the end of October….Fog to start the day followed by Mist that didn’t clear. The woods were damp but still unseasonably warm a climate much loved by the Squirrels who were at there most active. One of those days when I thought I would travel lite on the mornings walk, so no camera but still the Phone produced some surprisingly good results for its 3.5 megpix……glad I had it with me.


A Dull day but still not a bad one

30th October
(C) David Oakes 2014

Light and Shade of Autumn


The sun occasionally breaks through both the cloud and leaf cover lighting up the woodland and its fast changing autumn colours. The only sound is that of my feet crunching the dry leaves beneath my footfall.

And so the season moves along at its own pace, a little more colour here more bare branches there whilst some leaves continue to fight on till the bitter end of autumn. Reading posts of fellow Bloggers I guess we are luck; unseasonably high temperatures whilst across the Atlantic there are early snows.

29th October
(C) David Oakes 2014

A Darker Autumn Day


An Young Oak between the Birch

After all the sunny days of late summer and early autumn it had to come……  Yep here we are a ‘dull’ dark day. So best not to complain and welcome the fact that we can get out into the woods without any rain. Yesterdays high winds have stripped trees of leaves but walking around our woods today found little evidence of any real damage…… only one branch of any size down now awaiting the inevitable decay and the recycling of new life into the woodland.

28th October
(C) David Oakes 2014