Weekly Photo Challenge – Treat


Take a break….

A Treat is this weeks topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge – (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/treat/).

For us a real Treat is a spell of good weather and its on with the hiking boots, with a packed lunch and flask in the backpack and with Carla and Buster in tow. Then it is off into the fresh air of the hills, valleys, woodland or coast.  Nor is it just the exercise, the exploring and the people you meet along the way that is the Treat…..but often it is just the sitting, listening and watching and at times taking it all in or else nothing in particular.  A REAL TREAT

31st October

(C) David Oakes 2015

The Forecast said….Sunny Spells!

, _DSC6346

True to there word the sun did break through the rain laden clouds….and for a brief (very) it looked promising.  The rain had worked its magic on the leaves enhancing there already golden brown colours.  The Beech trees are now starting to turn.  Yesterday the leaves were still rich dark green overnight that green has faded to a muted lime green…..the next step is for them to turn golden then fall to decorate the woodland floor.

But our woodland walk had started in the rain….and indeed we finished in the rain….but the little bit in-between was very welcome.

They do say ” No Rain….No Rainbows
So far no Rainbows so I guess no pots of Gold….but maybe there is… “Pots of Golden Leaves”

29th October
(C) David Oakes 2015

It Had to Happen…..the Rains Came



It was only to be expected, rain and in volumes to make up for the sunny dry autumn.

Will it last (may be) or is it just a brief break in what has so far been a fantastic month of colour and warmth.

28th October

(C) David Oakes

A Very Bright Start…..to Another Bonus Autumn Day


Early Morning Allestree Lake

The early morning sun cut through what was only a token mist, the low sun seeking out the shadows and shining light into places that have not enjoyed the suns warmth since early spring. Indeed it has also been another Bonus Autumn day and with so many days like this this the occasional wet and windy day is soon forgotten. In fact, if anything many of the leaves seem to have gained a little benefit from the rains still crisp green contrasting with the more typical autumnal browns and oranges.

Even the view from the bedroom window as we opened the curtains to welcome the day was so encouraging…for the end of October it really is a Bonus whilst delaying the inevitable start to winter….

26th October

(C) David Oakes 2015