Autumn…has arrived and gone (well nearly all in one day!)


DOI_6648Yesterday mornings bright start stayed with us till early afternoon. It was calm in the woods with a warm sun and blue sky which after the recent bad weather was a very welcome change.

But that change in weather, all be it brief, also revealed change in the woodlands….at last it did look as if autumn really had arrived.   The rich autumnal glows were welcoming but this seasonal change still poked fun at us just to confirm that this autumn was still reluctant to follow the usual pattern of change and decay.

Gold is certainly the colour, and whilst some trees seemed to have been stripped bare overnight others are still sporting a full green leafy head….the Oak even reluctant to drop its acorns.

Today we were at Calke Abbey in South Derbyshire which apart from the woods has much else to please the eye on a walk through the extensive parkland.  From Stately Home (now closed for the winter) to the ruined Deer Shelter and the smart Holme Farm that despite the autumnal time of year it also seemed sparkling fresh….

But as always at Calke it is the woodland that is so refreshing to explore. We knew the weather was due to change so we made the most of the morning and pleased to breath the fresh woodland smells that are unique to autumn…even the birds with there song seemed pleased to be alive all busy stocking up with food prior to the cold, rain and winds that will come….

13th November
(C) David Oakes 2015