A Mixed Bag…..

The Calm After the Storm…..Today we had some lovely autumnal sunshine and warm enough to be out and about in just a thin sweater.

The woodland seemed to have escaped any severe wind damage, certainly the woodland canopy was much thinner but  still enough leaf cover to add some colour…..


But there were some reminders of the torrential rains.  In the lower lying areas water has gathered creating a good impression of a rain forest….


Autumn this year has been slow to get a grip and one felt that this last weekends storms would have put an end to the colourful autumn…..but no.  Once in the open and looking down towards the Lower Derwent Valley there is still the suggestion that Autumn is only just getting underway…


Our first frosts are predicted for the end of the week so I guess we make the most of what we have.


17th November

(C) David Oakes 2015