Billy Goat Gruff


Change is inevitable but I do find it very frustrating when WORDPRESS keep changing the Editing/Writing Page.  Apart from the fact that there is no advance warning or indicator as to changes you have to waste so much time learning a new system.  O.K. the new writer isn’t that difficult to re-learn but there appeared (in my view) nothing wrong with the previous version.

What is a pain in the new setup is the Categories and Tags Box. Gone is the ability to predictive text the name you wanted from your list….what a time waste scrolling down a list to tick and untick an entry…..nor can you jump from say A to N or where ever.  WHY cannot it be just like the Tags Box

Love WordPress but at times they really do frustrate me….and yes, I do feel GRUFF.

18th November

(C) David Oakes 2015