Autumn or Spring…..?


Dawn light through the canopy in Big Wood, Allestree

Despite ice cold north winds which seem to make the sudden drop in temperature  rather Artic like….yet looking up through the canopy you could be mistaken for thinking that this is Spring rather than Autumn.

Yes, it very much has been a strange year for the seasons….

22nd November

(c) David Oakes – Images

First Snow…but nothing Special


After the storms, temperatures dropped markedly and we had our first snow of this winter….not that it lasted, by 10am it had all but gone.

The woods were a kaleidoscope of varying colours.  Under the evergreen Yew’s you could nearly be mistaken that it was summer, just the cold light and yellow morning sun proving otherwise.  The Bracken has now been dried by the winds and is both brown and brittle soon to be flattened.  The taller trees have caught the worst of the winds and have lost their leaves but those lower down the valley still have a good head at top to their trunks. Fungi for now escapes the frost which must surely come very soon,  the lake just has a cold and un-welcoming look to it.. Finally just to prove that our autumn was late this season it is only now that the Chestnut are casting the odd leaf….

 I guess it can only get colder

21st November

(C) David Oakes 2015