Christmas Must be Coming ……

Holly-1Christmas must be coming, this Holly Bush has a mass of red berries…..well this bush is in full berry and doing us proud.  Yet many that can usually be relied upon to carry berries are not fruiting this year.

I and others have mentioned that the seasons this year have not gone to timetable or acted in what we have become to think is normal. Autumn has been late.  But fruiting has been variable. Record crops of Apples and Pears, a good Harvest in the fields is reported by farmers.  In the woods  the situation has been much more variable.  Rowan have been spectacular, our trees have been heavy with bunches of berries.  Elsewhere Conkers were small and Sweet Chestnut so small that they were not worth picking.  Oak trees in the same woodland are varied, some still have lots of Acorns others are and were devoid of any fruits.  Yew Trees usually by now carry there wax like berries  but this year are mostly bare of fruit.

Ornamental garden shrubs show equally varied crops of berries whilst some still carry some colourful fruits the most are now bare….and the Birds are being increasingly disappointed in their search to stock up on some vital energy giving food. Overall I reckon birds and wild animals will have slim pickings this winter

So Christmas is coming and at least we have one bush that can provide that seasonal festive symbol…


30 Days till Christmas Eve

24th November

(C) David Oakes 2015