Sunshine…It Makes a Change !

The Sun brings Spring to the Woods

& Our First Bluebells….

Saturday and the Sun shone …and that makes a very welcome change from the weather we have been enjoying of late.  But the sun also gave us a reminder that it is still early in the season as it cast long dark shadows throughout the wood.  Not enough to hinder the first of the Bluebells….only a few small clumps but soon and for a brief spell the woodland glades will be carpeted with the blue flowers.  The trees are still bare which is what these early spring flowers need so they can enjoy a clear canopy, blue skies and sunshine. But it is progress which was emphasised by the unusual warmth to the air….all in all an invigorating day for woodland walks…

And as another sign of springs progress a lone Horse Chestnut Tree buds have burst into fresh bright green leaves……


now that cannot be bad.

9th April
(c) David Oakes 2016