On the Moors…..

Sunny Sunday…Yep two consecutive Sunny Spring days.


A cool breeze did nothing to dim the pleasures of a Moorland walk.  Stanton Moor in Derbyshire is one of our favourite spots to stretch our legs.  Not far from the busy industrial heartland of both the North and Midlands it is a place that offers peace and quiet combined with exhilarating views over its surrounds…..and gallons of Fresh Air

Unlike many Moors, Stanton Moor is unusual in that it does have many woodland glades. Silver Birch clinging to the underlying sandstone. It is perhaps this blend of wild open expanse with light dappled woods that we love so much…


 Fact and Fiction

On the North Eastern edge to the moor stands a Stone Tower…it is know as The Early Grey Tower. and some times just as the Reform Tower.

Built in 1832 it was constructed to mark to end of long and often bitter Parliamentary disputes to change the balance of democratic voting rights to the British Parliament, when voting rights were a privilege of the rich. Grey’s reform bill was twice thrown out by the House of Lords, but due to Grey’s steadfast efforts was passed into Law in June 1832.

Now for the fiction….well it may not be fiction but in truth I rather like this explanation as to why Earl Grey’s Tower was built on this particular spot.

It is said that the Tower is the permanent one digit insult from one member of the ‘nobility’ marking the end of feud between an  Earl and a Duke who had been on opposing sides of the long running arguments….located here so the looser was reminded of his defeat every time he passed on the way to his estate.  As I say….that is the popular unproven local story….and I rather like it.


Earl Greys Reform Tower

10th April

(C) David Oakes 2016