Winters Bonus…..


Hellebore Jewels

Many times since last November we have commented on just how un-typical our climate and its effect on the weather has been.  Plants have behave out of character, some seeming to thrive on the change to there usual timetable others struggling.

But one bonus for us in our small part of the England is this years abundance of Hellebores.  Christmas Rose is a common name derived from the habit of these apparent delicate in appearance plants gracing us with their flowers in December.

This year has been a bonus.  Not only have we had a larger profusion of blooms but blooms that have seen our Hellebores in full flower since the end of October and now near the end of April still packing our borders with beautiful foliage and a fantastic array of multi colour blooms,

April also sees out Camellia burst in to flower.  The flowers on our Camellia appear as blooms with white, yellowish stamen…..some have a pinkish ting to the petals and one or two arrive as Pink Blooms.  They are big and blousy but despite their appearance rather fragile….the least drop of rain and the white discolour and goes brown and any frost really puts paid to them.

Big and Blousy is how I would normally describe them but this April our otherwise very healthy looking bushes are producing flowers that are positive miniatures….still just as nice to view…


Maybe our seasonal timetable has changed for the foreseeable future

24th April

(C) David Oakes 2016