Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 17


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Odd Ball

25th April

(C) David Oakes 2016

T’was a Blue Weekend……


Woodlands full of Bluebells

Thankfully the predictions of dire weather from the Met Office never came true.  It is true that there was a breeze of cold air direct from the Arctic but each day of the weekend the sun shone and raised both the temperature and the spirits.

Bluebells are not coming out on mass this season but spreading themselves thinner but over a longer period of time.  Each year I marvel at this sudden rush of Blue across the woodland floor.  They don’t last long….even now there are other plants such as Celandine, Sorrel and Nettle starting to swamp some areas, and of course you have that leafy woodland canopy starting to cast a shadow of the undergrowth….ultimately supressing the Bluebells till next year.

The wind might well have been cold but it only helped spread the subtle and distinctive Bluebell scent throughout the woods….

Join us to enjoy some more Spring Wild Woodland Bluebells





The Oak is one  tree that is now bursting into leaf..


And that is good news.  The Ash has yet to show so if the lines of the old Country Rhyme are correct we have a good summer ahead of us…

Oak before the Ash – we are in for a Splash

Ash before the Oak – and we are in for a Soak

Even the Deer Park was all quiet and tranquil with the Deer now gathering in much more social groups, grazing gathering strength of the new arrivals this summer..



Yep….not a bad Blue Weekend


25th April

(C) David Oakes 2016