Sunday…So its off to Church Again

Saksun, Faroe Islands

Saksun  Church, The Faroe Islands

It was a very, very, very wet Faroe’s day when we visited Saksun.  The cloud was thick and low so on the journey we saw very little of the mountains.  But sometimes you need a little luck and as we reached the head of Saksun Fjord the weather eased just a touch to reveal what was still a beautiful view down to the grass roofed Church that we had come to see.

Today it nestles just above the shore line in  a rich green but very soggy peatbog.  This little church is actually in its second location as we were told that originally it was built in Tjornuvik, but in 1858 it was dismantled, carried across the mountains and reassembled here above the lake.

Like many places, today all is quiet and tranquil hiding the fact that in years gone by this Fjord was a busy safe harbour for the fishing fleets….seemingly a storm created a sand and stone barrier at the entrance to the Fjord and now only very small boats can enter….all that disturbs the peace is the tumbling waters of many waterfalls.

The small gap in the weather didn’t last for long…just long enough to say that the journey  was worthwhile.

1st May

(C) David Oakes 2016