The clue is in the name……Sometimes


Sun Disc

So very aptly named these Narcissus sport a small and delicate round flower, yes Sun Disc is the perfect name.  They are also the last of the early spring Daffodil and Narcissus bulbs still flowering in our garden a sure sign that the year moves along at a pace.

Sun Disc makes way for another late spring bulb with a name that in my view does little to describe its beauty…Camassia


Camassia is the name for this tall flowering spike carrying a profusion of Blue Star shaped flowers,  flowers so delicate one is fearful that the first rain or high wind will end their short lives

Our local Garden Centre is now busy encouraging us to start planting our summer bedding.  It tempts us with massed colour displays..



somehow I think it perhaps exaggerates our gardening skills ….not sure any of us will grow a Pansy this BIG….


Would be great if we could!

I also guess this might well fit with Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge for this week

Here is the link:

12th May

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