Leisurely Sundays….with good weather great for a Walk

Charms of  South Derbyshire Wood


 Calke Park Estate is the location…..still some Bluebells thriving in the woodland.  But the overall impression that hits you is the spring green of the trees.  Nearly every tree now has a full covering of new season leaves….I say Spring Green but a good  few of the trees are Lime Trees and their fresh leaves are…well Lime Green. What ever the green it is bright and fresh, straight out of natures paint pot!

The Willow by the Reservoir give graceful shade wafting in the breeze and even the water levels are above normal…all good signs for the summer

This was once a busy farming estate supporting a large house and its staff.  Much of the woodland is old (1000 years for some Oak) a Deer Park. The  Farming Buildings, Deer Shelter and the Family Church all add extra character to the walk…

The Chestnut Tree now displays its candle like flower spikes so again a good crop of nuts is to be expected in the autumn.


As for this years Spring Lambs…well just see how I have grown…

just don’t mention ‘Mint Sauce’


Forecast for the week ahead…it is mixed and even a chance that winter may return !

15th May

(C) David Oakes 2016

Sunday……So Off to Church



This little church nestles at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site and siting on the vast Lava plain now covered with lush green moss.  Surrounded by mountains and Glaciers it all looks tranquil… but it is here that the Tectonic plates are still moving and shaping the surface of Iceland and of course ultimately the world.

15th May

(C) David Oakes 2016