Its going to be Warm…Just right for a long Bank Holiday Weekend


Early Morning over Allestree Lake.

I think and I hope that it is going to remain warm for all if not most of this Spring Bank Holiday Weekend….we all need some soothing weather.  Certainly it is a promising start.  Blue sky, fare weather clouds and plenty of sunshine that despite an early start is already warming the spirits and if I am not mistaken the body too!

So a stroll round the Lake, through the woods and across the meadows was full of satisfaction, even the wild flowers were standing up straight to welcome us….

Last but not least I must mention the Ash Trees….

at long last they have burst into leaf, the last of our trees by a long way to oblige.

Mind you that could well be a good sign if the old country fable is true

Ash before the Oak and we are in for a Soak

Oak before the Ash and we are in for a Splash


We might well be in for a good summer…..yippee

28th May

(C) David Oakes 2016