Sunday…..So Off to Church


Saint George’s Church, Ticknall, South Derbyshire

It is impressive in size, it’s spire can be seen long before you reach the village of Ticknall, but no doubt it is the ample Church grounds and graveyard surrounding St. Georges that adds to it vizual prestige.

You could well be fooled into thinking that this is yet another ‘Old‘ English church but the fact is that it is relatively modern.  Built in 1842 in what was known as the Gothic Revival style.

The history of Ticknall’s Parish Church goes back much further and has a twist to it. There are references to a Chapel on this site in the 1100’s.  This was followed by the building of a new church in the 1200’s.  This new church was dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket. As the village prospered and indeed the village was the source of much industry, the congregation outgrew the church…so another new one was needed. So the Becket Church was knocked down….well they tried to but even gunpowder could not destroy the Altar Window or parts of the West Wall..


These ruins are so stubborn that they grace the ground today and add to the attractions.

The Church was designed by the Architect H.J. Stevens and being designed in the new style the interior is spacious, light and airy whilst still capturing the traditional styling of pillars and high wood beamed ceiling. Some of the stained glass windows were installed later and are the work of the famous Morris.Co.


As Ticknall was once part of the Calke Estate there is a side Chapel to the then patrons the Harpur-Crewe family.


Picturesque it is and St. George’s is a  frequent choice of subject for local Artists

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Not that you can blame them!


4th September

(C)David Oakes 2016

P.S.  When I started this series of “Sunday – Off to Church” postings it was simply to allow me to share some of the churches, cathedrals and abbey buildings I have stumbled across in my travels.

I am not religious and  follow only my faith in fellow human beings. But that said I am nearly always moved by these many and varied religious structures that in their own way tell us a good deal about our historical roots…Be it a small isolated country church or majestic cathedral I often simply stand in awe at my surroundings.  I hope you enjoy.