Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 34


The Truth can be as Strange as Fiction….

or a Real Witches Cauldron

The smell is at times overpowering, the heat tangible from a distance, the hole could go all the way to the middle of the earth….its very core.  After all these boiling sulphur mud pots do reach deep into the earth’s thermal core.

The location is Iceland and this is the area known as Namaskard.  Littered with these mud pots and streams of hot mud flowing from the surrounding hills it is surprising that in our Risk averse Health and Safety culture that tourists can wander virtually unrestricted arround these thermal springs. Tread carefully but enjoy the experience whilst you can.

I thought this would be a suitable image for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge for this week.

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Odd Ball

9th September

(C) David Oakes 2016


We Might have the Makings of a Great Autumn


Autumn is still several weeks away but now at the end of the first week of September there are some signs of its approach and that it might be the best autumn for a few years.

There is lots of lush growth both on and around the lake but the grasses are starting to seed and the bracken in places drying and turning brown.  Small signs I know and overall September is proving to show those comforting signs of a warm late summer, ideal for a lakeside walk…..


The woodland is still a place of green leaf and dark shadows from the overhead canopy, the sun just breaking through those odd gaps. A closer look does show that trees like the Oak are now busy setting their acorns, acorns that will drop and feed the Squirrels and Jays but also set in motion seedlings of new Oak’s for the future.  But that closer look also indicates hat those green leaves whilst still bright are now starting to dry….soon they will be brittle and most will turn rich golden brown.

Hopefully that is many weeks away, but like all things in the natural world…..it all depends upon the weather.  Sun, rain and wind as we know is very unpredictable in the UK  and more often than not presents us with a few surprises


9th September

(C) David Oakes 2016