They Got It Wrong ….(again)


A well sodden Agapanthus….

It rained….the forecast was for a damp start then it would clear quickly to bright sunshine and blue skies.   Well they got that well and truly wrong…it has rained all day with no sign of let up….


The worrying part of this forecasting lark is that they are predicting another mini heatwave next week….Hard to believe but we will see.

10th September

(C) David Oakes 2016

5 thoughts on “They Got It Wrong ….(again)

  1. Tomorrow: 29º, Tuesday 30, Wednesday 31, Thursday 26 – change on Friday: 23º. Celsius. With the New Moon the change should come to bring ‘proper’ Autumn weather. Temp. 18 with some rain but not much wind. But having said that… it’s the weather… prediction can only be done for three days. In other words: we’ll see what it brings. I carry with me: sunglasses and a brolly and a rain poncho for on the bicycle. 😀

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