Moody Monday…..Mixed Messages


Autumn Leaves……

It has been a rather comforting weekend.  Lots of sunshine, blue skies above average temperatures……though rather chilly nights.  The long range forecast says we are due much the same for this next week at least. October should be the season of mellow fruitfulness. But this season we are getting very mixed visual signals.

Parts of the woodland still have that light spring feel, some areas dark like mid summer with the light struggling to cut through the canopy,  whilst others are the complete opposite and now turning orange.  The Pine seeds are being eaten by the birds and our dwarf Hosta are now flowering for the third time.  Scullers on the river create a summer atmosphere but turn your back on them and you have a Chestnut in all its Autumn glory….

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It really is a mixed up autumn….

But the best part is that “lets laze awhile” feeling down by the lake… rush, just enjoy


Now a PS to last weeks Woodland Sculpture Blog

I mentioned that School kids were due to create their own creations.  So here are two that they managed to complete.

Not bad for beginners.

10th October

(C) David Oakes 2016