Guess What…..


Mist and Sun thru Silver Birch, Derbyshire

If you read this mornings blog you will have noted I was indulging in a some wistful thinking for a change in our weather  … dreaming of better times to come.

Dreams sometimes do come true….here is a taster, join me tomorrow to find out how lucky we were.

20th January

(C) David Oakes 2017

Just a Thought……


Lea Rhododendron Gardens, Derbyshire

 Just a thought…Spring cannot be far away – can it?

After a week of rather dark dire days and the forecast of a few more to come before any change in our weather patten it is  not surprising that one starts to wish for an early spring and all those fresh colours.

Just a thought…or maybe more a hope!

20th January

(c) David Oakes 2017