Lubeck…….an Ancient Hanseatic Port


The Mighty Gateway to Lubeck

The mighty gateway to Lubeck in Schleswig-Holstein has guarded one of the original Hanseatic ports and its city for many a century. It is a city of like many other medieval towns and cities dominated by church spires each trying to out do the other by there height…..but within the city walls it a cluster of narrow streets and high buildings and even narrower passageways called gangs.  Architecture is varied embracing styles from across Europe and beyond as travellers returned with the tales of distant shores.

( I am told the ‘Gangs’ or passageways were a means of creating more building space behind the main house frontages…many of the ‘Gangs’ being dedicated to a particular trade or skill.  Now just quiet hideaways for  colourful homes)

As is the custom in the region Brick is the building material of choice and  has been used for centuries.  (Clay being so readily available) But the creativity of the architect, brick maker and the bricklayers skill is evident by the many distinctive styles they have used in the constructions.

That ancient Gatehouse is one ornate example …


Whilst the old Salt Warehouses is  another…


The City of Lubeck is not just a port on the River Trave but is surrounded by a canal.  It was just a shame we had a rather dull drab day for the visit…still I hope these images convey a little of the character of this ancient City and Hanseatic Port…

As is often the way….when it came to moving on the sun came out as if it had never been away.  Travemunde here we come..


5th August

(C) David Oakes 2017