May….and spring both come to an end


Lea Rhododendron Gardens…. a Memory of May

31st May, another month seems to have passed with a blink of an eye.  But what a month it has been.  Spring started late in April but moved into May like an express train. After what was a very wet winter we do seem to have reaped some wonderful rewards in the form of all the spring colours and scents that seem to have abounded in a memorable spring…


June and the summer has a lot to live up to….fingers crossed

31st May

(C) David Oakes 2018


Pessimist or Optimist…..?

_DOI7136qqAllestree Lake

Yesterday was a surprisingly bright sunny day, surprising as the forecast was not that good. Whilst walking round the lake we met another dog walker…“best get a move on he said.. they reckon there is a 50% chance of rain by lunchtime”.  Well I guess that means there is at least a 50% chance of sunshine. A glass half full or half empty comes to mind!.

Without dwelling on what the rest of the day had instore for us we decided we would enjoy the blessings of a warm summers day.  Flag Iris now wave in the abundance of lakeside vegetation. Higher up in the woods the morning sunshine filtered thru the lush new bright green leaves whilst in the meadows to Clover, Daisies and Buttercups were just magnificent…full of insects, bees and butterflies.



The day continued as it started the only change being in that it got much warmer (perhaps it will thunder tonight).  Far too warm to do anything very strenuous in the garden but just nice to potter and enjoy…



As for Buster…well you know what they say….

Let sleeping dogs lie


29th May

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday…… Weather Change


A Stormy Day at Moonen Bay, Isle of Skye

The weather is very unpredictable today, its certainly moody…indeed rather threatening, so I thought this image from last year rather fitted the bill.

It was taken on a very stormy day on the Isle of Skye, like all highland weather it rather took us by surprise. We had been enjoying a week of warm dry sunny autumn weather, just perfect.  Then within hours the storm blew in from across the Atlantic….gales, dark clouds and rain…..though it is the force of those winds that remains strongest in the memory.

The view is from Neist Point and looking towards Waterstein Head across Moonen Bay, to the North West of Skye. It is hard to describe the force of the wind, so lets just say that I was crouched low behind the car that was rocking in the wind, trying hard to hold the camera steady.

There was a big plus point…the gale shifted the midges that had been enjoying the autumn sunshine.  The next day the calm and sunny autumn returned but not those midges.

28th May

(C) David Oakes 2018