Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge -Trains, etc..


A Long Way from Home….

An engine once built for the South African Railways… now refurbished and in action on the Welsh Highland Railway, North Wales

Just a suggestion for this Week Black and White Photo Challenge.

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14th June

(C) David Oakes 2018

Summers Here…..


Wild Cow Parsley..

Many of our meadows and hedgerows are full of Cow Parsley…it may be wild and considered by many a weed but the delicate fleurettes would grace any garden…as would the flowers of the Elder Flower Tree’s which seem to be having a bonanza year…so with luck lots of autumn berries to harvest.

_DOI7340qqaEven the common wild brambles have mounted a special display of blossom this summer…

_DOI7433qqIt has been a strange year so far, as we are partway through June, maybe it will continue to create more surprises for us.  A wet but overall mild Winter which was followed by a cold snap that delayed  Spring, caused confusion for plants and birds alike.  Everything was late… then bang Spring exploded in woods, meadows and gardens, foliage of every description  just packed so full of life, seeds, blossom and flowers


So it is now early Summer and despite a late start to Spring everything now seems in a rush.  Each year in August I take you so see the National Hydrangea Collection, that’s when the collection is open and the plants at there best. This year the opening date is the 10th August.  Until then they are locked safely away in the walled garden at Darley.  To tempt us there are a few plants outside the garden but perhaps someone needs to tell them that it is a little early to flower as many are already showing signs of blooming soon…


Nor is our garden a slouch in coming into bloom. Peony, Roses, Cosmos, Begonia and Honeysuckle are all adding welcome colour…



Wild or Tame…they are all just little miracles of nature.

14th July

(C) David Oakes 2018