Silent Sunday…So Off to Church



Glastonbury is a town of Legends and Myth.  King Arthur and his Round Table of Knights, Merlin and Druids, legends that for many are as real today as ever.

But legend apart Glastonbury was for centuries a Religious Centre.  Glastonbury Abbey is very much a legend in its own right. The earliest Christian Monastery that became the wealthiest and largest in England only to fall fowl of Henry VIII Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539.

We visited the ruins on what was a surprise wet day but it didn’t take the shine of this wonderful estate.  The buildings cover an enormous are, there is a conical shaped Abbots Kitchen, Kitchen gardens and a couple of Fish Ponds (Stew Ponds), guides in authentic costume help the tour parties to get the full enjoyment from their visit….so here is a quick glimpse of Glastonbury Abbey


But back to another Legend….a legend and Chapel missed by many visitors to the Abbey.

It is the Chapel of Saint Patrick of Ireland who when he returned to England and with the blessing of Saint Dunstan built with the help of several like minded Hermits this rather wonderful small Chapel.  Today the interior decoration has been restored and for those who seek it out it remains a quiet place of contemplation.





A dull damp day but not a dull visit by any means

8th July

(C) David Oakes 2018