A Lazy start…. then a little bit of Heritage



A Spectacular Dorset Castle

We had a lazy start to Sunday…. Coffee, a good book and some welcome shade just to sit and read…well we are on holiday. But the afternoon was for some exploration of a part of Dorset’s Heritage.

So it was the Village of Corfe Castle, and of course, its distinctive and spectacular castle of the same name, our destination.  Both the Village and the Castle are built of the distinctive Purbeck Stone… always light and bright, but in this afternoons blistering sun, reflecting as if it was a true white.

Its History is long and chequered so you are best dong an internet search for comprehensive information…so here is the brief vision.

In 1086 William the Conqueror did a swap. A Church for this land on which he built Corfe Castle. It was very much a defensive castle with Outer Baily and Gatehouse then an inner Baily and Gatehouse..being situated on the hill it was a position of strength and provide extensive views over all it surrounded. It must have been a strong fortification as it withstood several sieges. It was though during two sieges in the Civil War of 1643 -1646 that Corfe Castle fell to the Parliamentary Forces…but only through an act of  treachery from inside the castle.  After this Castle was partially demolished by order of Parliament, stone was robbed to build elsewhere.  The Castle and surrounds continued to  remain in the hands of the Banks Family and did so for more than 3 more centuries.  It is now in the hands of the National Trust.

So here is a mini tour…


An interesting and relaxing afternoons exploring.  Then a leisurely drive back to where our caravan is currently located for yet another glorious summers evening..


Dusk over Kimmeridge Bay

9th July

(C) David Oakes 2018