Couldn’t resist…..



Those of you how have followed my Blog will know that we became very proud Great Grandparents earlier this year.  Well, Esmee has grown, she is now all of 7 months old as of yesterday so came for lunch to celebrate… with a rusk to help the new teeth


Why the serious look…. those eyes had caught sight of a packet of crisps and they where much more fun…

Just another reminder of how fast the year is passing

3rd August

(C) David Oakes 2018



The start of the week followed a similar pattern of drizzle, some wind but mainly sunshine…..just a lot cooler. The Lake looked fresh in the morning sunshine but the waters had that murky look from the past heat and disturbance from the rains.

What did look rather fine is the new Lilly patch planted by the Angling Club. that and other plantings of wildlife friendly flora is making a world of difference…


The fresh morning feel was much more noticeable in our woodland.  Bracken and Ferns that have been suffering in the drought have a new lease on life adding a green hue to the darker woods…all together an invigorating walk….




It is now August so there is no denying that the year is progressing, seed heads are now the norm for some of our wild flowers though some others are still doing there best to add colour..


Harvesting is still ongoing creating yet another seasonal dimension…


But those signs of an approaching autumn which may well be early this year are appearing as a reminder that the summer has been so dry…maybe a period of prolonged rain may revitalise everything….


3rd August

(C) David Oakes 2018