The Weather….. Never Satisfied



Dawn…..Big Wood Allestree, Derbyshire

It was just great this Friday morning to be up and about, in the woods as dawn came up.  Cool and a fresh but light breeze was invigorating.

There was a time when I though it was only the British who were obsessed with the weather…a constant topic of conversation. Yet reading many of the Blogs that appear on WP from East, West, North or South and whatever the season, the weather is a very frequent topic.

After our long summer ‘heatwave’ we have just had a week of mixed weather fortunes. Beautiful sunny days and blues skies, cloudy but bright and cloudy with rain.  Some have enjoyed (yep, enjoyed) some rather heavy downpours.  So far we have just had occasional showers none that have been that heavy and being showers only brief visits.

For the most part it has been a spell of much more typical British summers weather…in normal years we would be remarking on our good fortunes, today is a pleasant 26c.

Not this year.  On our walkies Buster and I always greet others with a smile and a ‘good morning’.  But the response has been very mixed from a brief ‘is it!’ to more sarcastic often derogatory comments about the climate….. some folk are never satisfied.

The little rain we have had has had a disproportionally beneficial effect on the woodlands and meadows.  Green is back looking as fresh as the proverbial daisy.  Trees are refreshed and flowers regaining there colours, bracken and ferns flourishing

 Whilst we are never sure of what the weather will bring us, we do know that autumn is not that far away.  Indeed there are some autumnal signs already…


Holly seems to be very much ahead of itself.  Full of Red Berries…perhaps someone needs to let it know that Christmas is still 128 day away (some may say only 128 days away).


How fast does time fly

18th August

(C) David Oakes 2018