Dawn and a Dramatic Coastline


It was an early start to travel across the dramatic but arid desert east of Almeria… an attempt to keep cool.  Salt Pans and Sand Dunes, miles of low cacti then the occasional village of a few houses always dominated by a church was the vista.

The area is known as Cabo De Gata and is classed as a Natural Park. Ultimately you come to the Lighthouse perched high on the craggy headland and as the sun climbs the sea turns into its characteristic Mediterranean rich blue…


The lighthouse and rocky coastline all seem rather out of place, sitting as it does, right by an arid sandy desert.  Yet despite its remoteness people still cling to the edge of the cliffs to build their homes…one thing is for sure, its peaceful.


9am and temperatures above 39c…. but that sea did look so inviting


2nd October

(C) David Oakes 2018