Silent Sunday…. So off to Church


Christ the King, Almada, Portugal

The 28meter high statue of Christ stands on the top of a 82 meter tower. It overlooks the River Tagus and the City of Lisbon.

It was conceived and designed as a dramatic statement. The statement was, I am told, to give Thanks to God for keeping Portugal safe and apart from the destructions of WWII. Construction started in 1952 and completed in 1959. Whilst the statue itself may be artistically attractive the tower itself is simple poured concrete, always unforgiving to the eye.

Within the base of the Tower things are very different.  Here is the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace, bold in colour and modern artistic flair, refreshing and calming, a place for peaceful contemplation..


Auster on the outside but warm and welcoming inside, quite a contrast and very much a big surprise for visitors and Pilgrims of which there are many.


7th October

(C) David Oakes 2018