Lisbon….. Portugal’s Ancient Maritime Centre


Dawn and a new day and a new port of call…this time Lisbon. As the sun rose in the sky the colour and architecture of the town that hugs the coast was revealed in all its colour, layer upon layer of red roofed houses all crowded together above the harbour.

Portugal has a proud history of Maritime Exploration and Discovery of far flung lands around a world they went into the unknown.  Each sea trip was a big adventure. Lisbon was the centre of this activity so it is not surprising is that they have a fantastic Maritime Museum.  It has been created in the old Jeronimos Monastery at Belem. Vasco Da Gama along with many other explorers are celebrated but pride of honour in the display is the map of Portugal’s ‘World of Discovery’…


The Museum is also home to the colourful collection of Royal Barges.  As you explore you get a true impression of there enormous size, there intricate design and vibrancy…..all powered by man.  There are also a couple of early Seaplanes…



Close by is the famous  Belem Tower on the banks of the River Tagus..

(sadly due to a Military Parade we couldn’t get nearer)


Close to Belem is the much newer, dramatic and ornately sculpture monument…

“The Monument of the Discoveries”


In fading light as evening descended we headed off back up along the Tagus taking a last look at Lisbon’s waterfront and then out under the giant ’25th de Abril’  bridge.


8th October

(C) David Oakes 2018