Summer…. with a touch of Autumn


Shipley Woods, Derbyshire

Wednesday started and finished in style….much more like summer than autumn.  Not just the clear blue sky, but with temperatures that reached 22c…not half bad for October.

The forecaster say its rain tomorrow with high winds and are full of doom for Friday and Saturday.  So best make the most of a bonus day.

As our local wood is still very much in summer green clothing, I thought we would head just a tad further north and to woods on higher ground, in the hope of catching some early autumn colours. Yep, we got some golden brown leaves but even so the woods were still dark under there green canopy. Still nice to be out and about…. fresh air and autumnal smells on a warm breeze.



Even the Silver Birch, one of the first to drop, is still has leaves that are holding very tight



11th October

(C) David Oakes 2018