So much for Weather Folk Law…..

_Wet Day

Overnight and during the morning we had some much needed rain…. heavy at times which must help our low water table situation. But it did rather blow a hole in the old weather folk law …. Red sky at night – Shepherds delight.  Sundays sunset only lead to rain.

Best not to complain as rain is something that has been in short supply in our corner of the UK.   The Lake stubbornly remained frozen, so the locals Ducks have forgotten how to swim and have now learned the art of walking on water….


Later in the day normal service has resumed and the sun broke through.

It didn’t exactly bring a smile to the faces of the Highland cattle… but body language suggested a slightly happier mood….

_DSC1283qqqNow where did I put my Hairdryer?….

My hair is all wet and I cannot do a thing with it!


 4th February

(C) David Oakes 2019