The Morning started well….but then went back to sleep


Over the Gate…A February morning

The morning started well, a blue sky that was slightly wispy, not a breath of wind and a touch of haze on the horizon…..OK the sun did appear, albeit rather weak, but the day still had promise.

By lunch time the day had gone back to sleep.  Not sure how to describe it, but the haze did thicken,  never really became thick enough to be called a mist. It also had a strange effect on the colour of the weak sun. Even at midday it had that warm glow you would normally associate with dusk..  dusk without a sunset….well it was midday!


Strange maybe which just added to the February mornings feel for a brisk winter walk…


When evening arrived a change in mood of the weather occurred.  Heavy rain and high winds….and more predicted.

6th February