Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Fences and Gates


A Gate to nowhere!…

Standing at nearly 10 foot tall this gate rally does go nowhere…. it is a Sculpture installation in an exhibition….. as you can imagine it created a great deal of comment and discussion.

In contrast here are three rather more conventional gates.  One a Church Lych Gate then a couple of farm gates, both rather lost in vegetation!

Farm gate.jpg

You can see what others have suggested on Cee’s link :-


Just a few ideas for this weeks challenge, I hope you enjoy.


15th March

(C) David Oakes 2019

Flippant Friday…. Many An Old Tune


When I first spotted this old piano there was a feeling of sadness, thoughts of the life and fun that the instrument must have given over many years. Rather poignant that is just left abandoned to the savages of weather.

15th March

(C) David Oakes 2019