Planning Ahead…..

Mull bw

The Isle of Mull from Ledaig, West Coast of Scotland

Just starting to plan ahead for this years holidays and whilst maps and books give some clues I find that scanning through past images also helps to refresh ones memories. Whilst it quite a cathartic process, recalling places visited, experiences enjoyed..  just re-living events and places.   It is obvious we cannot revisit in one year all those memorable places but as you scan thru the pics you do come across a few locations that just say to you that we ‘Have to Go back’.

This stretch of the Scottish Coast, north of Oban at Ledaig, is one such location giving  expansive views over the Sound to the Isle of Mull….  influenced by the weather it is an ever changing scene. So that’s one for the list.

22nd March

(C) David Oakes 2019