April 1st……. and its Fooling Us


Magnolia at its Spring Best

There is a country rhyme that says……

” April Showers bring forth May Flowers “

Today is the 1st of April, the day when ‘Tom Foolery‘ is about. But the advanced weather forecast is no joke. OK, April started today, all blue skies and lots of sunshine.  Blossom is everywhere and new growth sprouting, very much continuing from where March said goodbye to us for this year.

The forecast tells another story.  From tonight, instead of the warm air being dragged up from the Mediterranean, air that provided those above seasonal temperatures, we will be getting winds direct from the Artic….. a really cold icy blast. They even predict that those April Showers may well fall as snow, even at lower levels.  If we get any snow it will be the first this winter season….. so who said Spring had arrived!

The last of the Daffodils, Wild Garlic is nearly ready to flower and tender Blossom none will enjoy the wintery change in the weather…

So those potential May flowers had best remain in bed for a while longer.

1st April

(C) David Oakes 2019